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UZE Exchange

Buy, Sell and Exchange Digital Assets.

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UZE Tokens are now available on

on March 9, 2021 TOKENS UZE are available for purchase and Trade at TOKPIE EXCHANGE. A partnership that will facilitate your access to our UZE Utility Token.


Private Sale Limit - 40MM UZE

Remaining time from private sale








Business Tokenization

Understand the power of Blockchain Technology for your business. By 2030, studies show that 95% of businesses worldwide will be digital. Enjoy and anticipate putting your business on the global radar.


The UZE Token is a UZE EXCHANGE native asset of the utility type that will serve to support the infrastructure of the UZE Trade Platform, in addition to serving to pay reduced fees on transactions.

Why UZE tokens?

UZE is an ERC-20 token. As described in the whitepaper, every semester starting in 2022, UZE EXCHANGE will use 20% of the profits to buy back UZE Tokens and burn them until we reach 50% of the total issued. Thus extending a deflationary system that will benefit all UZE Token Holders.


What is the power of Blockchain for your Business?

The UZE SERVICES Team is ready to respond.

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